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Published: April 25, 2014

                 No matter where you are located, you are competing globally with other manufacturers. Ayta Group is one of the leading lean consulting companies in the United States. We have an extensive background in turning around underperforming companies using Lean best practices. No doubt you have some intelligent people working for you. However, if they are going through analysis the same ways month after month, you may never detect where the issues are.

Ayta Group has a diverse range of engineers and business managers that are trained to identify weaknesses and deficiencies in the production process. We work on-site with the management team and employees to educate them about lean manufacturing. So not only do we identify the problems during the months that we are on-site, but we teach your team how to continue lean practices after our work is complete.

Our clients gain a new perspective with which to view their operations. Once their eyes are opened to lean practices, they are amazed at how they can carry over that philosophy into other areas of the business. There are other lean consulting firms, but few are so confident in their abilities that they won’t charge you if they can’t save you money. That’s right, we only get paid if we save you money. Does the phrase, “nothing to lose” come to mind? It should!

So you’ve looked and worked to remove all the waste that you can find over the last few years, but you still need a better profit margin to be competitive. Your options are to continue as you have been and maybe something will change OR create a paradigm shift and look at operations from an entirely new perspective. We can get you moving to increased profitability. If you’re looking at making some major technology investments, why not give us a call BEFORE you do. Going in the wrong direction at a faster pace isn’t going to work. Remember, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

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